Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Here's your all-new CCNA and CCNP Training Post for Wednesday, December 11!

There's another new OSPF practice exam right below this one - tackle it when you're done here, and I'll see you Wednesday with another new practice exam!

Let's get started!

1.  Which two of the following describe link-state protocols?

A.  Routing updates sent at regularly scheduled times.

B.  Routing updates contain all known routes discovered by that protocol.

C.  Routing updates contain only the state of the links (hence the name, "link-state")

D.  Link state info is kept in a database separate from the IP routing table.

2.  What single word is used to describe an OSPF metric? 

3.  An individual LSA is refreshed how often, if it's not otherwise refreshed due to a topology change?

A.  Every 30 seconds.

B.  Every 30 minutes.

C.  Every 30 hours.

D.  Every 30 days.

4.   You want to place all router interfaces with IP addresses in the /24 subnet into OSPF area 0, and you've configured the following network statement to do so.    

R2(config-router)# network area 0 

Is there a problem with this statement?

A.  Nope.

B.  You're in the wrong config mode.

C.  The network mask is written incorrectly.

D.  The wildcard mask is misconfigured.

E.  The "area" value is in the wrong place in this statement.

Answers right after this brief, important break!

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And now -- the answers!

1.   "C, D".   Link-state routing updates contain information about the state of the links, and that info is kept in a database that is separate from the IP routing table.

2.  The OSPF route metric is cost.

3.  "B".  Each individual LSA is refreshed every 30 minutes.   This is on an individual basis - it's not that every LSA is refreshed at the same time.

4.  "A".  There's nothing wrong with that network statement.  The config mode is find, the wildcard mask is fine, and the area value is at the correct place in the overall statement.

Great work!  I'll see you Thursday with another practice exam along with a brand-new Video Boot Camp!

Chris B.

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