Friday, December 27, 2013

Here's your all-new CCNA and CCENT practice exam for Friday, December 27!

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Let's get to today's practice exam!

1.  Which of the following values does EIGRP use by default to calculate routes?

A.  bandwidth

B.  load

C.  reliability


E.  delay

2.  In the following command, what exactly does the "100" represent?

ip hold-time eigrp 100 50

A.  The bandwidth allowed to EIGRP.

B.  The EIGRP hold time  (Hello time).


D.  The EIGRP hold time (Dead time).

E.  The variance setting.

3.  You're about to disable EIGRP autosummarization.   Which of the following should you expect or do afterward?

A.  The line protocol will go down briefly.

B.  The router's EIGRP adjacencies will drop.

C.  You'll need to reload the router to take effect.

D.  None of the above.

Answers right after this brief, important break!

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And now -- the answers!

1: "A, E".  EIGRP will use the bandwidth and delay values by default to calculate route metrics.

2.  "C".   You have to watch EIGRP commands closely, since the Autonomous System numbers tend to pop up in almost every EIGRP-related command.  Like this one, for instance!  

3.  "B".  This is a good thing to know!   When you disable EIGRP autosummarization, that route will lose its existing EIGRP adjacencies.   If nothing else has changed, they should come back very quickly.

Thanks for taking today's free practice exam, and for making TBA part of your success story!

Always Be Passing,

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