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Your CCNA and CCENT Training Post for Thursday, November 7 is ready for you...


Thanks for making my new CCNA And CCENT ICND1 Study Guide a Top 10 Amazon Bestseller in the Computer section...

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From all of us here at TBA -- thank you!

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Chris Bryant's CCNA ICND 1 Study Guide

... right after you take on this new practice exam!

1.   You just placed a port into VLAN 17.   Problem is, you haven't created VLAN 17 yet!     What's going to happen?

A.  You'll be prompted to create the VLAN.

B.  The port will enter err-disabled state.   You'll have to create the VLAN manually and then reopen the interface.

C.   The VLAN will be dynamically created for you.

D.   You'll be given an indication this is an illegal command.

2.  Speaking of that kind of thing, what's the full and exact command to place a port into VLAN 17, assuming you're at the port configuration level?

3.  You've configured OSPF on the following subinterface:

int s0.13 point-to-point
     ip address

By default, this interface will be seen as belonging to what type of OSPF network?


B.  Broadcast

C.  Point-to-Point

D.  Point-to-Multipoint

E.  There's not enough information here to answer the question.

We'll get to the answers right after this incredibly brief message!

I told you it was brief!  Now let's get to those answers....

1.  "C".   This is your lucky day!  The Cisco switch will dynamically create the VLAN for you.

2.  The full command to place a switch port into VLAN 17 is switchport access vlan 17.

3.  "C".   You might this the interface would be part of an OSPF NBMA network, and if it were a physical interface, you'd be right.    

When the interface is a point-to-point subinterface, though, it will default to the OSPF network point-to-point network type -- and that will have a serious impact on your adjacencies, as you'll see in Friday's brand-new CCNA and CCNP Video Boot Camp!

See you then!

Chris B.

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