Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanks for putting up with the sporadic blog posts this week - had a little extra dental work done, and now I'm back at it!

I've got two videos on the way for all of you later today Friday -- and one's a bit of a rant. Might cause some waves.  We'll see.

Right now, let's head to today's CCNA and CCENT practice exam - and be sure to check out Udemy's "Early Black Friday" price of $38 on my CCNA Video Boot Camp!

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Success on the CCENT and CCNA exams is all about the fundamentals -- and so it today's free CCNA practice exam!

1.  Of TCP and UDP, which uses a "cumulative ack scheme"?

A.  TCP only.

B.  UDP only.

C.  Both TCP and UDP.

D.  Neither one.

2.    Which of the following best describes the overall process of the UDP three-way handshake?





E.  None of the above.

3.   Fill in the blank:  UDP's advantage over TCP is that UDP has less ________.

4.   Which of the following describe TCP?  Choose all that apply.

A.  Guarantees delivery of segments

B.  Performs error detection

C.  Performs windowing

D.  Does not have sequencing number capability

E.  Runs at L3 of the OSI model

The answers right after this great big THANK YOU!   

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And now... the answers revealed!

1.   The correct answer is "A".  Only TCP uses a cumulative acknowledgement scheme.

2.   The right answer is "E", because UDP doesn't have a three-way handshake.  (TCP does, though.)

3.   UDP has less overhead than TCP, and that's UDP's main advantage over TCP.

4.   A, B, and C.   TCP guarantees segment delivery, it performs error detection, and performs windowing.   D is false because TCP does have sequence numbers, and E is false because TCP runs at L4 of the OSI model.

That's it for now!   See you later today with those two new videos!

Chris B.

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