Monday, November 04, 2013

Here's your CCNP SWITCH Training Post for Monday, November 4...

... and it includes a brand-new practice exam, along with a video on an important CCNP subject!

Hi Bulldogs!

In today's CCNP SWITCH Training Post, we're concentrating on a little something called DAI -- Dynamic ARP Inspection.

Along with this new practice exam, there's a Video Boot Camp on this subject I'm sure you'll enjoy.  Let's get to it!

1.  When configuring DAI on your switch's interfaces, in which direction should you have DAI take effect?

A.  Both inbound and outbound traffic should be subject to DAI.

B.  DAI can only filter outbound traffic.

C.  DAI can't be used on a Cisco switch -- only a router.

D.  DAI can be configured only to inspect inbound traffic, not outbound traffic.

2.   Exactly what database is used to verify valid MAC-to-IP address mappings when DAI is in use?

3.   When a DAI port is considered "untrusted", what types of ARP messages are inspected by that port?

A.  None of them.

B.  Both ARP Replies and Responses.

C.  ARP Replies only.

D.  ARP Responses only.

Answers right after this quick, important message!

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Here are your answers!

1.   "D".  Dynamic ARP Inspection can only be configured to inspect incoming traffic.

2.   That's the DHCP Snooping bindings database.

3.   "B".  Both ARP Replies and Responses are inspected when DAI is running.

Here's a Video Boot Camp on DAI to help you nail the SWITCH exam.  Go get 'em!

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