Monday, October 21, 2013

Here's your CCNA 200-120 practice exam for Monday, October 21!

You'll find at least one new CCNA or CCNP practice exam right here every day, and right now...

Let's get right to today's questions!

1.   Which of the following are default advantages brought to your network by switches that hubs can't handle?   

A.  Fewer broadcast domains

B.  More broadcast domains

C.  Fewer collision domains

D.  More collision domains

2.  Convert the hex value A76 to decimal.

3.   Which ACL types require both a source and destination IP address to be set for potential matches?

A.  Standard

B.  Extended

C.  Both standard and extended

D.  Neither actually requires this

Answer and explanations right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answers!

1.   "D".  By default, switches create more collision domains than hubs.  The term microsegmentation refers to the "one switch port, one collision domain" situation present on a switch.

You'll still have one giant broadcast domain unless you create VLANs on your switch.

2.   We have 10 units of 256, 7 units of 16, and 6 units of 1.

2560 + 112 + 6 =  2678

3.  "B".  With a standard ACL, you actually can't specify a destination IP address, even if you want to!

The extended ACL requires you to set both a source and destination IP address.

That's it for now -- a new practice exam right here on Tuesday!  See you then!

Chris B.


Adam said...

Hi Chris, good questions. In reference to your answer for question 1, should that be that we will still have one giant broadcast domain unless we create vlans?


Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933 said...

Absolutely! Hopefully this will teach me not to edit on the run with no decaf. :) Thanks, Adam!

Chris B.

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