Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hi Bulldogs!

Let's get right to today's CCNA practice exam...

... right after you watch the 4-minute video that EVERY CCNA and CCENT candidate needs to see today.

And heeeeeeeeeeeeere they are!

Question 1:  

You're configuring OSPF over a hub-and-spoke network.  Which interfaces, if any, should be disqualified from the DR/BD election?

A.  The hub interface only.

B.  The spoke interfaces only.

C.  All involved interfaces.

D.  None of them.

Question 2:

Short answer:  What's the default OSPF cost on a Cisco router Serial interface?

Question 3:  

Short answer:  What command allows an OSPF router to advertise a default route that it does not actually have in its routing table?

4.   A DROTHER on an OSPF broadcast segment has detected a change in the network.   What router or routers will the DROTHER notify of this change?

A.  All routers on the segment.

B.  The DR of that segment.

C.  The DR and BDR of that segment.

D.  None of them.

The answers right after this brief, time-sensitive bulletin!

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Here are the answers!

1.  (B).   You should use the ip ospf priority 0 command on the spoke interfaces to disqualify them from the DR/BDR election.

2.  The default OSPF cost of a Serial interface is 64.

3.   That's the default-information originate always command.

4.  (C).  The DROTHER will inform both the DR and BDR of the change.  The DR then floods news of that change to the rest of the routers on the segment. The BDR gets that info so it can keep its database totally up-to-date as quickly as possible in case it has to quickly step in for the DR.

I'll see you Wednesday with another practice exam! Keep grinding on that CCENT and CCNA deadline -- you can beat it!

Chris B.

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