Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hi Bulldogs!

I'm doing everything I can to help you get CCENT and CCNA certified before the Sept 30 deadline, and that includes a new practice exam right here on the Bulldog Blog every single day through Sept 30!

These practice exams are also tailor-made for those of you working on the new CCNA and CCENT exams, and I'll have new YouTube videos for those exams starting this very week!

By the way  -- if you haven't watched the latest CCNA video I've created for you, please take just 4 minutes to watch it right now.  After you're done, hit this new practice exam, and I"ll see you Monday with a new one right here on the Bulldog Blog!

Frame Relay hasn't gone anywhere - it's all over the 640-802 and 200-120 CCNA exams.  Let's sharpen our skills for success on either exam with this practice exam!

Question 1:  

What field in Cisco's version of HDLC enables multiprotocol support?






Question 2:  

Which of the following would result in show int serial0 giving you the following output?

"serial0 is up, line protocol is down"

A.  missing clockrate

B.  LMI mismatch

C.  loose cable

D.  all of the above

3.  In the following command, under what circumstances will CHAP be used?

ppp encapsulation pap chap

A.  If the PAP authentication attempt results in a failure.

B.  This is an illegal command, so CHAP will never come into play and the router will not accept the command.

C.  When the PAP authentication attempt results in no replies from the remote router.

D.  Once PAP results in a successful authentication, CHAP will be run as an authentication verification "double-check".

4.   I just ran a debug, and this is the entire output of that debug.  What debug is it?

20:47:52: Se1 CHAP: O CHALLENGE id 187 len 23 from "R1"
20:47:52: Se1 CHAP: I CHALLENGE id 186 len 23 from "R3"
20:47:52: Se1 CHAP: O RESPONSE id 186 len 23 from "R1"
20:47:52: Se1 CHAP: I RESPONSE id 187 len 23 from "R3"
20:47:53: Se1 CHAP: O SUCCESS id 187 len 4

20:47:53: Se1 CHAP: I SUCCESS id 186 len 4

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Here are the answers!

1.  (B)   Cisco's version of HDLC added a TYPE field, which made multiprotocol support possible.    

2.  (A, B).  If the interface is up physically but the line protocol's down, there's a logical problem, and that could be a missing clockrate or a LMI mismatch. "C" is incorrect, because if the cable were loose, the "Serial0 is up" would actually say "Serial0 is down".

3.  (C).  The command ppp encapsulation pap chap means CHAP will be used if the PAP attempt times out due to a lack of replies from the other end of the link.  CHAP would NOT be used if PAP actively fails the remote router.

4.   That's the full output of debug ppp authentication.  You would also see that in the middle of the output of debug ppp negotiation, but you'd get a lot of other information, too!

Thanks for taking this practice exam!  I'll see you Monday with a new one, and anytime on YouTube and Udemy!

Chris B.

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