Thursday, August 08, 2013

Hi Bulldogs!

Here's your free CCNA and CCENT practice exam for Thursday, August 8!

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Question 1:

In the following command, what does the first "2" represent?

int fast 0/0
    ipv6 ospf 2 area 2

A.  The interface identifier.

B.  The OSPF interface priority.

C.  The OSPF process number.

D.  The solicited-node multicast node number.

E.  None of the above.

Question 2:

Which of the following is true of the OSPFv3 RID?

A.  It's configured with the router-id command.

B.  It must be in IPv4 dotted decimal format, not in the format of an IPv6 address.

C.  If you have no IPv4 addresses on the router, you'll need to manually configure a RID.

D.  It must be in IPv6 address format; the OSPFv3 process will not accept an IPv4 address format for the RID.

Question 3:

With stateless DHCP and IPv6, which of the following values must still be supplied to the hosts via a DHCP Server?

A.  DNS Server

B.  Default gateway

C.  Lease duration

D.  The host's IPv6 address

The answers right after this vital message!

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Here are the answers!

1.  (C).  The first number is the process number, and the second is the area number.   (I know the second one is obvious. :)  )

2.  (A, B, C).  When it comes to the OSPFv3 RID, you can hardcode it with the router-id command, it has to be in IPv4 dotted decimal format, and if you don't have an IPv4 address on your router, you have to use the router-id command before you can continue with your configuration.

3.  (A).   DHCPv6 stateless autoconfiguration almost eliminates the need for a DHCP server, but not quite - the DNS server information still has to come from that server.

See you on YouTube and Udemy!

Chris B.

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