Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hi Bulldogs!

Here's your free CCNA and CCENT practice exam for Monday, August 18!

If you haven't seen this video yet -- please take 4 minutes and watch it right now.  It contains information every CCENT and CCNA candidate needs to know RIGHT NOW.

And when I use all caps, you know it's vital.  :)

Watch the video, take the practice exam, and enjoy your day!

Let's hit some Cisco switching fundamentals in today's practice exam!

Question 1:  

Which of the following allow us to create multiple broadcast domains?

A.  switch

B.  repeater

C.  bridge

D.  hub

Question 2:  

Which of the following Cisco switch behaviors will be taken against an incoming unknown unicast frame?

A.  flooding

B.  filtering

C.  forwarding

D.  multicasting

E.  unicasting

No choices given for the following questions!

3.  When running port security, what exact value serves as the equivalent of a password?

4.   From the innermost to the outermost, name the layers of the Cisco Switching model.

The answers right after this important message!

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Here are the answers!

1.  (A).  Of those four, only switches allow us to break up a single broadcast domain into smaller ones.  

2.  (A).  An unknown unicast is a unicast frame whose source MAC address is not in the switch's MAC address table, and as a result of that, the frame is flooded.

3.  The source MAC address of incoming frames serves as the "password" for port security.

4.   Core, Distribution, Acccess.

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Chris B.

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