Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Hi Bulldogs!

Here's your free CCNA and CCENT practice exam for Tuesday, August 6!

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Question 1:

Under which of the following circumstances will an IPv6 router transmit a Router Advertisement?

A.  When it receives an RS from a host on the local link.

B.  When an RS comes in from a host on a non-local link.

C.  Every 200 seconds, by default, whether it receives a triggering message or not.

D.  Never.

E.  When it receives either an NS or NA from a host.

Question 2:

When a host sends an NS message, what's the destination address of that message?

A.  The single address named in the unicast message.

B.  The solicited-node multicast address.

C.  Every host on the local link.

D.  Every router on the local link.

Question 3:

You note your IPv6 router has joined the "FF02::1" group.   What's the purpose of that group?

No choices on this one, but the answers are right after this important message!

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Here are the answers!

1.  (A, C)   An IPv6 router will send a Router Advertisement message when it receives a Router Solicitation (RS) from a host on the local link, and an unsolicited RA is sent every 200 seconds.

2.  (B).  Neighbor Advertisements are sent to the solicited-node multicast address of the destination.

3.  The IPv6 multicast address FF02::1 is assigned to the "all nodes on the local link" group.

See you Wednesday!

Chris B.

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