Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A brand-new CCNA and CCNP practice exam has been added to this post -- along with my back-to-school $22 CCNA Security Special!


Hi Bulldogs!

Every CCENT and CCNA candidate in the world needs to see this video as soon as possible.   

If you're not working on either of those right now, please share it with someone who is -- or who's even thinking about it.  

Yes, it's that important!    Thanks for your help, and I'll see you later today with a new practice exam!

Chris B.

Let's get some work in with our hex, binary, and IPV6 conversions!

1.  Convert the hex value 4aF to decimal.

2.  Convert the binary string 00111101 to decimal.

3.  What is the shortest possible legal expression for this IP Version 6 address?


4.  Convert the decimal 45 to hex.

5.  What is the full 128-bit expression of this compressed IPv6 address?


The answers right after this brief message - and you need to take advantage of this!

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And now -- da da DA da da daaaaa!  

The answers!

1.  With the hex value 4aF, you have:

4 units of 256 = 1024

10 units of 16 = 160

15 units of 1 = 15

Total =  1199.

2.   The binary string 00111101 has the 32, 16, 8, 4, and 1 bits set to "1".  Add those up and you have 61!

3.  Using both zero and leading zero compression on that address, and using our one instance of zero compression of the two consecutive blocks of zeroes for maximum compression, we get:


4.  The decimal 45 converts to the hex value 2D (2 units of 16, 13 units of 1).

5.  To uncompress any IPv6 address, start by adding your leading zeroes back to any block where leading zero compression was used.  You know any block with less than four numbers but with at least one still there was compressed with leading zero compression.

That gives us...


Then replace the set of colons (zero compression) with enough blocks to bring the address back to eight full blocks, and you're all set!


Done and done!

See you Thursday evening EST with more, and right now on YouTube and Udemy!

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