Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hi Bulldogs!

The clock's ticking on the CCENT and CCNA deadline, and the Bulldog's got your back with a new practice exam every single day through Sept. 30!

Let's get right to today's EIGRP practice exam!

Question 1:  

Which of the following must be agreed upon between potential EIGRP neighbors before they actually become neighbors?

A.  Metric weights

B.  AS number

C.  area number

D.  "neighbor" command value (in hub-and-spoke networks only)

Question 2:

In which EIGRP tables can you find successor routes?

A.   neighbor

B.   route

C.   topology

D.   database

E.   successor

F.   adjacency

Question 3:  

Which of the following is true of an EIGRP loop-free route?

A.  AD > FD

B.  FD > AD

C.  AD = FD

D.  These two values do not matter as far as the absence of a loop in EIGRP routing.

4.   Identify the true statements regarding EIGRP configs.

A.   Wildcard masks are mandatory.

B.   Autosummarization is on by default.

C.   Supports VLSM by default.

D.   Calculates backup route metrics before they're actually needed

The answers right after this VERY important message!

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Here are the answers!

1.  A, B.   EIGRP neighbors must agree on the metric weights and the AS number.  There is no area number in EIGRP, nor is there a "neighbor" command needed in EIGRP hub-and-spoke networks.

2.  B, C.  You'll find successor routes in both the EIGRP route and topology tables.

3.   B.  The Feasible Distance of an EIGRP route must be larger than that of the Advertised Distance for that route to be considered loop-free.

4.  B, C, D.   Autosummarization is on by default in EIGRP, and EIGRP supports VLSM.   

The backup routes, known as "feasible successors" in EIGRP-speak, are calculated in advance and kept in the EIGRP topology table.   

Wildcard masks are recommended with EIGRP configs, but they're not required.   

I'll see you Saturday with another new exam!

Chris B.

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