Friday, June 14, 2013

Time for a combination CCNA and CCNP practice exam - on the dreaded IP Version 6! -- along with several important videos from my YouTube channel!

And this September, I'm going to take the dread OUT of IP Version 6 for you, with my IP Version 6 Video Boot Camp!

Every student in my current CCNA and CCNP courses on Udemy -- free and almost-free -- will have the chance to get into this new course for the lowest price I've ever put on a course.

I'm doing that because this course is so important (and everyone's still really nervous about IPv6) that I want everyone to get their hands on this one without busting their budget.

More on that course soon -- right now, let's get to today's practice exam!

Which of the following can you just not do with a legal IP Version 6 address?

A.  Using leading zero compression

B.  Using zero compression

C.  Writing the address using trailing zero compression

D.  Writing the address with leading zero compression, using that compression type more than once

E.  Expressing the address with zero compression, with zero compression used more than once

F.  Using trailing zero expression more than once

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answer!

Since we're looking for the things you can't do, let's review our IP Version 6 address expression rules:

-- Use zero compression only once

-- Use leading zero compression as often as you like

--  Don't use trailing zero compression, because it doesn't exist

Therefore, the illegal choices from that list are C, E, and F!

Today's videos are on IP Version 6 as well, so all you CCNA and CCNP Bulldogs need to watch these!

And best of all, I'm back over the weekend with all-new videos.  See you then!

Chris B.

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