Thursday, June 06, 2013

Time for a brand-new CCNP ROUTE practice exam to go along with your CCNP ROUTE Video Of The Day!

Let's get right to the questions -- you'll find the answers in this same blog post, followed by the Video Of The Day!

1.   When you configure BGP route summarization with the aggregate-address command and enter no options, what is the end result?    Choose all that apply.

A.  Only classful updates will be summarized

B.  Only classless updates will be summarized

C.  The summary route will be advertised, and no other routes

D.  The summary route AND the routes that were summarized will all be advertised

E.   Oddly enough, the routes that were summarized will be advertised, and the summary will NOT be advertised.

2.  You know the first two factors in the BGP path selection process are weight and local preference.  What's next?

Short answer, no choices for that one!

3.  You've just completed your BGP lab work, and you note some routes with a next-hop address of Should you worry, and why?  Choose all that apply.

A.  Yes, your route summarization was incorrectly configured.

B.  No, you'll see that next to all routes originated by the local router.

C.  No, you'll see that next to routes learned via an iBGP neighbor.

D.  No worries, they were obviously learned from an eBGP neighbor.

E.  Yes, because your BGP adjacencies dropped after the routes were learned, and they're on the way to aging out.

F.  No worries, you'll see that next to routes learned via route redistribution.

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answers!

1. (D).  From your work with OSPF, RIPv2, and EIGRP, you might expect only the summary route to be advertised - but with BGP, both the summary route and the summarized routes will be advertised UNLESS you use the summary-only option with that command.

2.  After weight and local preference, the BGP best-path selection process favors a locally originated route.

3.  (B, F)  With BGP, you can see a next-hop of with locally originated routes and routes learned via route redistribution.

Thanks for taking today's practice exam!  See you here on the blog tomorrow with more questions, and on YouTube and Udemy for hours of free videos!

And speaking of videos, here's your CCNP ROUTE Video Of The Day!  Thanks for watching!

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