Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let's start Wednesday, July 26 with a quick CCNA and CCENT quiz on frame processing methods!  

Each of the following describes either store-and-forward, fragment-free, or cut-through frame processing.   Name which one (or more!) is described by each statement.

1.  Checks the FCS before forwarding the frame.

2.  Is the fastest of the three methods.

3.  The slowest of the three.

4.  Gives the highest level of error detection of the three.

5.  Performs no error detection whatsoever.

Answers right after this VERY important message!  (Only 97 days left!)

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And now .. the answers!

1.  Store-and-forward checks the FCS before forwarding the frame.

2.  Cut-through is the fastest method of the three, but it has one big disadvantage.

3.  Store-and-forward is technically the slowest of the three....

4.  ... but store-and-forward gives us the highest level of error detection of the three methods.

5.  Cut-through is fast, but performs no error detection at all.

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