Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Here's your CCNA and CCENT Video Of The Day for Wednesday, June 26!

I'm running this one again to make sure all of you caught it -- it's the most popular video I've created in quite a while, and you'll see plenty of additional IPv6 videos from me in the next three months, leading up to...

... well, you'll see!  : )   Right now, let's go to the video!

96 days remain in the CCNA and CCENT deadline!

I guarantee you'll beat the Sept. 2013 CCNA and CCENT exam version changeover with my $44 Video Boot Camp, just as over 4400 students are doing right now....

... and if you don't earn your CCNA before September, no worry, because I'll give you free access to my CCNA 200-120 Video Boot Camp videos at that time!

Join us today and let's get started on your CCNA -- 


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