Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is the biggest, most-video-packed CCENT and CCNA blog post I've ever put up here.

Aren't you glad you came by today?  : )

Hi Bulldogs!

As the countdown continues to the Sept. 30 deadline for passing the current CCENT and CCNA exams, we're turning up the heat here at TBA with more links, videos, and practice exams than ever before!

In this post, you'll find links to important CCENT and CCNA videos on YouTube and Udemy, as well as 3 videos right here in the post!

This is also a great time to join 3800+ future and present CCNAs in my CCNA 2013 Video Boot Camp!

I guarantee you'll pass the current exams before Sept 30, and if you don't, I'll give you my new 200-120 CCNA Video Boot Camp absolutely free!

So even if real life interrupts your studies, you don't have to give me one more DIME for the new videos!

I would take advantage of that.  :)

Let's get started!

On the TBA website:

More videos from my YouTube CCNA and CCENT Video Training channel:

Today's CCNA and CCENT videos:

See you Friday with more, Bulldogs!

Chris B.

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