Tuesday, May 07, 2013

It's Tuesday, May 7, and time for some new CCNA SWITCH practice exam questions along with a great video!

Let's get right to today's questions!

1.  Which of the following must ports agree upon in order to be placed into the same Etherchannel?

A.  allowed VLANs

B.  port duplex setting

C.  native VLAN

D.  trunk mode

E.  port speed

F.  All of the above

G.  None of the above

2.    Which of the following are true about UDLD?

A.   Can run in "normal" and "aggressive" modes

B.   Is used to create Etherchannels dynamically

C.   Is used to detect one-way links

D.   Would be used on L3 switches as opposed to L2 switches

3.   Short answer: What action is taken by a Cisco switch port running Root Guard when it receives an "inferior BPDU"?

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answers!

1. (F).  That's right - for ports to get along in the same EtherChannel, they have to agree on duplex setting, allowed VLANs, the native VLAN, trunk mode, AND speed!

2.  (A,C).  Our old buddy UDLD can run in either normal or aggressive mode, and it's used to detect one-way links.

3.  A port running Root Guard will not take any action against an inferior BPDU.   What it will do is take action against a superior BPDU, since that BPDU would change the root bridge - and that's what we're guarding against!

Let's tackle this CCNP SWITCH video, and thanks for coming by today!

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