Thursday, May 02, 2013

It's Thursday, May 2, and time for some new CCNA SWITCH practice exam questions along with a great video!

Let's get right to today's questions!

1.  You're deploying HSRP, and you realize that your workhorse router R3 has not become the Active router, as you'd like it to be.  Instead, a much weaker router, R2, has that role.   

The routers are part of a very busy network, and taking them offline for any reason is not an option, even for just a few minutes.

To make R3 the HSRP Active router, which of the following do you need to do?

A.  Set R3's priority to 105.

B.  Set R2's priority to 105.

C.  Use the "preempt" option on R3.

D.  Use "preempt", but on R2 instead.

E.  Reload R3.

F.  Reload R2.

2.    You notice your HSRP group's virtual router MAC address is 00-00-0c-07-ac-3c.  What HSRP-related value can you determine from that MAC address, and what is the value in this particular case?

3.   You have each of the following in your network.  Which can participate in HSRP?

A.   Routed port

B.   L3 Etherchannel

C.   Switched Virtual Interface

D.   L2 switch port

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answers!

1. (A, C).  You would need to raise R3's HSRP priority, since the default is 100 and the highest priority wins. You would then need to use the preempt option on R3.  

Otherwise, you would need to reload R3, and the question made that clear that taking any router offline for any reason was not allowed.

2.  The default MAC address of the HSRP virtual router is 00-00-0c-07-ac-"xx", where "xx" is the hex representation of the HSRP group number.   

The hex value 3c converts to the decimal 60, and that means your HSRP group number is 60.

3.  (A, B, C).  Routed ports, L3 Etherchannels, and SVIs can all participate in HSRP.  Regular ol' L2 switch ports cannot.

Let's get to today's videos -- and I'll see you here tomorrow as well as on YouTube and Udemy!

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