Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here are your CCNP SWITCH practice exam questions for Thursday, May 16!

Nailing these exams is all about mastering the fundamentals, and today's questions are designed to help you do just that!

1.  Short answer:  Your switch has a priority of 32768 and a MAC address of 11-22-33-cc-dd-ee.  What does that switch's BID look like -- IF the address is legal?

2.    When you adjust the Forward Delay value on a Cisco switch, which of the following are you affecting?

A.  Blocking

B.  Listening

C.  Learning

D.  Disabled

E.  Blocking

F.  Sequencing

3.   Another short answer!  What does PortFast do, and what's the best practice for the ports that can run it on a Cisco switch?

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answers!

1.  The resulting BID is 32768:11-22-33-cc-dd-ee.

2.  (B, C).  The MaxAge value changes both the length of the listening and learning stages.

3.  Speaking of the listening and learning stages, PortFast allows us to skip those steps entire.  It should only be used on ports leading to host devices, though.

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