Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here are your CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT practice exam questions for Thursday, May 16!  Enjoy!

1.  You want to see whether the OSPF-speaking router you're on is an ABR, ASBR, or both.   Which of the following commands will give you that info?

A.   show ip ospf database

B.   show ip route ospf

C.   show ip ospf neighbors

D.   show ip ospf border-routers

2.    There's a route coded "O IA" in the routing table. I am sure you know what the "O" stands for, but what does the "IA" part mean?

A.  It's in the same area as the local router.

B.  It's in another area.

C.  It will be reached via a default route.

D.  The route was learned by a route redistribution operation.

3.   Short answer:  What's the LSA type that is generated by every router for every area it belongs to, and is flooded to a single area only?

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answers!

1. (D).   Yes, the ip ospf border-routers command exists, and that'll give you this vital ABR and ASBR information!

2.  (B).  "IA" indicates a route in another area.

3.  That sounds like a pretty common OSPF LSA type, and it is -- so common it's at the top of the list as LSA Type 1!

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