Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time for your CCNA and CCENT Videos Of The Day -- plus a new set of practice exam questions!

Let's get right to it!  The videos follow the questions and answers!

1.  During the Cisco router boot process, the router will look for a valid IOS image.   There are three sources from which the router can load such an image; what are they, and what is the order in which they'll be checked for that image?

A.  Flash

B.  TFTP Server




F.  Configuration Register

2.    Once that IOS is found, the router will look for a valid startup configuration file.   There are two places the router will look before prompting you to enter setup mode.  What are those two places, and what's the order in which they'll be checked?

A.  Flash

B.  FTP Server

C.  TFTP Server


E.   RAM


3.   Once you enter Setup Mode, you may well want to get out of it without saving your changes.   How can you do that?

A.  You can't.

B.  ctrl-shift-6 

C.  ctrl-c

D.  ctrl-alt-del

E.   ctrl-x

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And now... the answers!

1. (A, B, E).  The default location is Flash; if there's no valid image there, the router checks for a TFTP server from which to download the file; finally, the router looks to Read-Only Memory (ROM).

2.  (F, C).  The Cisco router will first look to its NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM) for the startup config file; if there isn't one there, the router will look for a TFTP server.   After that, you'll be prompted to enter Setup Mode.

3.  (C).  The keystroke to escape Setup Mode without saving your changes is ctrl-c.  The introductory dialogue for Setup Mode mentions this, but it's really easy to miss.

Thanks for taking today's CCNA and CCENT practice exam!  See you here on the blog tomorrow with more questions, and on YouTube and Udemy for hours of free videos!

And speaking of videos, here's your CCNA and CCENT Videos Of The Day from my YouTube channel!   Enjoy!

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