Friday, April 26, 2013

New CCNA practice exam questions and some great videos -- a combination that can't be beaten!

I also have a bonus link for you to a fully-illustrated CCNA tutorial that involves one of today's questions!

Let's jump right in!

1.  Which of the following routing protocols are enabled at the interface level, rather than globally?

A.  RIP v 1

B.  RIP v 2

C.  RIP ng

D.  OSPF v3

2.    Which of the following describes both RIPv2 and EIGRP?

A.  Supports VLSM

B.  Allows manual route summarization 

C.  In certain situations, performs automatic route summarization

D.  Uses DUAL

E.  Uses Dijkstra algorithm

3.   Short answer:  What command resulted in the following partial output, and what issue does this line indicate?

08:01:54: RIP: ignored v2 packet from (illegal version)

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answers!

1. (C, D).  Both RIPng and OSPFv3 are IP Version 6 protocols, and those protocols are enabled at the interface level.

2.  (A, B, C).   Both RIPv2 and EIGRP support VLSM, allow manual route summarization, and will perform automatic route summarization under certain circumstances.  That's why we often use the no auto-summary command -- to stop that autosummarization, which can cause network issues.

Only EIGRP uses DUAL, and the Dijkstra algorithm is used by OSPF.

3.  That command is (very) partial output from debug ip rip, and that line indicates a RIP version mismatch.

Follow this link for a quick, fully-illustrated tutorial on that subject:

CCNA CCENT Tutorial: RIP Version Mismatches

Thanks for tackling today's new CCNA practice exam - let's get to today's Videos Of The Day!

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