Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's your chance to get your CCNP for $99!

(That's not a misprint - $99.)

Even better, every sale supports our Winter Fund Drive for the Central Virginia Food Bank!

There are also great deals on my CCNA Video Boot Camp and CCNA Security Video Boot Camp presale!


Here's a huge opportunity for you -- and some individuals in need of a meal.

You get my full CCNP All-In-One Video Boot Camp...

... over 50 hours of world-class CCNP instruction from yours truly... 

... and you get it for $99.

That's two bucks an HOUR.

(Plus all videos are fully downloadable.)

At the same time, you're supporting our Winter Fund Drive for the Central Virginia Food Bank!

Our goal is to present them with a $10,000 check when this drive ends -- and this is a great way to support the drive AND get your CCNP without busting your budget during the holiday season.

So even if you're planning to start on your CCNP after the new year, grab this deal NOW.

And thanks as always for making TBA part of your CCNP success story!

(BTW, my CCNA and CCNA Security courses also count in our fund drive - every signup helps!)

All links have the discount already built in!

Thanks again, Bulldogs!  You're the best!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"


Twitter:  (@ccie12933)


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