Monday, December 31, 2012

Future CCENTs and CCNAs, let's wrap up 2012 with a blog post PACKED with free videos and tutorials....

... and start 2013 with new Quick Quiz videos, and other surprises! :)

Hi Bulldogs!

We wrap up 2012 with a HUGE collection of videos, tutorials, and practice exams in this blog post....

... and we'll kick off 2013 with a new series of Quick Quizzes - and our new website isn't far behind that!

(Not to mention the long-promised refresh of the TBA website.  Believe me, I'm ready for it, too! : ) 

There's a lot of ground to cover here today, so let's have at it!

Chris B.

On the TBA website:

More videos from my YouTube CCNA and CCENT Video Training channel:

Today's CCNA and CCENT videos:

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