Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Sunday, November 11, and time for another new CCNA Security video!

To thank ALL of you for the tremendous response to my Udemy-hosted Video Boot Camps....

... you can get your CCNA Security certification with my CCNA Security Video Boot Camp ...

... for $39.

(No gimmicks.  No tricks.   Thirty-nine bucks!)

Hi Bulldogs!

This past week, I posted 8 new videos in my CCNA Security Video Boot Camp, covering the Network Time Protocol, logging, timestamps, and those always-tricky Views...

... and these videos are packed with labs performed at the command line and with Cisco Configuration Professional!

(I'll also be adding quite a few Layer 2 security videos there today and Monday!)

Just a quick reminder - you have an unprecedented opportunity to join my CCNA Security Video Boot Camp for just $39 right now, and you can watch the videos as I post them all the way through the course completion in mid-December!

You get access to ALL the videos in the course for that presales price!

I want to make clear you will not be charged one more dime than the $39 price, ever, period.  : ) 

Just use the coupon code BULLDOG68 to get that price, or just click the following link -- the discount is built right in!

Thanks again for your support of TBA - we wouldn't be here without  you!

Chris B.

Here's my latest free CCNA Security video - made just for you!

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