Thursday, October 04, 2012

Let's meet one of our Bulldogs - who just happens to be a  new CCNP!

Michael Timms has been working in Dubai, UAE for about five years, and his career foresight led him to pursue both his CCNA and CCNP certifications.

"I could see the clear shift from TDM voice to IP voice, and wanted to be ahead of the curve and make the choice to pursue my CCNA and just recently completed my CCNP.", says Michael.

When he says completed, he means completed.  He absolutely nailed all three exams:


ROUTE:  890

TSHOOT:  945

When he's not busy destroying Cisco exams, Michael enjoys both watersports and snowboarding.

Now confess - like me, you were thinking, "What's a snowboarding enthusiast doing in Dubai?"

Well, he could be snowboarding here!

(The video isn't Michael, but this is one way to snowboard in Dubai!)

All of us at TBA congratulate Michael on a job well done and for laying the groundwork for a fantastic career!


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