Monday, October 15, 2012

Here's Your CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp for Monday, October 15....

.... plus bonus video and tutorial links!


Hi Bulldogs!

Be sure to check out Sunday's CCNP SWITCH blog post -- there were five extra links to important videos and tutorials that you really should see!

And speaking of things to see, let's get right to today's SWITCH videos and links!

Today's CCNP SWITCH Video:

A jumbo Video Boot Camp on root guard and root-inconsistent ports!

Get your CCNP with my CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp - and save serious money while you're at it!

Today, get the entire course for a whopping 60% off -- your final cost is only $44!

(Download all 3 CCNP courses for just $119!)

I've already applied the coupon code BULLDOG59 for you ...

... just click this banner or the link above, and let's get started on your CCNP SWITCH pass!

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