Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Voice has returned!

No, not Sinatra.... ME! : ) 

Here's a brand-new CCENT and CCNA Video Practice Exam and lab for you!

There's also a special gift in this post for all my future CCNAs and CCENTs out there!

Hi Bulldogs!

As you've likely seen, Amazon is now carrying my CCNP DVDs and ebooks!

I don't want my future CCENTs and CCNAs to feel left out - believe me, I've got quite a few ebooks coming out for you on Amazon in the next 45 days!

Right now, though, I want you to take advantage of a whopping 30% discount on my CCNA Video Boot Camp!

Just follow this link or click this banner and then enter the coupon code AMAZON.  You'll see the discount applied, and then you can sign up immediately at that price!

Your access to the videos is permanent.

This discount is not.  

The wise CCNA candidate will act right now.

Get your CCNA with me this fall - and save 30% today with the coupon code AMAZON - with my CCNA Video Boot Camp!

(Over 1,200 future CCNAs just like you are already there!)

To further celebrate, here's a brand-new CCNA Video Practice Exam for you!


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