Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Thursday, September 27....

.... and one semi-emergency dental procedure later, he's back at work! : ) 

Hi Bulldogs!

I feel great, but it'll be a day or so before I'm back on our new video series - so I'll be posting some great links and videos here throughout the day!

Be sure to join my free CCNA Security preview course while you're here - it costs nothing, you get great videos before everyone else, and you'll get a special discount code giving you a 60% discount off the finished course this fall!

CCNA Security 640-554 Video Boot Camp Preview

Here's a link to a fully-illustrated tutorial over on the main TBA site - you future CCENTs and CCNAs really need to bookmark this one!

CCNA Tutorial:  Directly Connected Serial Interfaces

Don't feel left out, future CCNPs - I've got some links for you as well!

CCNP ROUTE Tutorial: OSPF Stub Areas

Be sure to check out my full list of Video Boot Camps on Udemy,  including my CCNA Video Boot Camp - you save 35% on that one today with the coupon code SPIDERS!

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