Thursday, August 02, 2012

Here are your CCNA Videos Of The Day for Thu, Aug 2!

Looking for CCNP videos?  Just head down to the next post!

Hi Bulldogs!

I've got two power-packed CCNA and CCENT videos for you today ...

... and when you're done here, there's another CCNA Video Boot Camp just waiting for you at the other end of this link!

And it's not just another video - this one's a full OSPF NBMA lab.  Don't miss it!

Speaking of OSPF... after the NBMA config, you'd think a point-to-point config would be easy enough to configure.

It is easier than an NBMA config, but there are still some tricky details that this video will help you nail on the exam!

Get your CCNA this summer with my CCNA Video Boot Camp ...

... and save a cool $20 by signing up with the coupon code TONG!

And now - something that has no OSPF! : ) 

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