Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You asked for it.

You got it.

My CCNA Study Guide is now available in hard copy!

(All CCNP Study Guides, too!)

Hi Bulldogs!

Before we get to Wednesday's CCNA and CCNP Videos Of The Day, let's talk about your new opportunity to grab my CCNA and CCNP study guides in hard copy!

800 whopping pages of the same crystal-clear CCNA instruction that's led to certification for candidates around the world for the past seven years....

... pure CCNA knowledge, labs, my famous trick-free binary and hex worksheets, and MORE -- all in a sturdy three-ring binder so you can insert your own notes

We'll also send you a downloadable copy right away so you can start studying in minutes!

Just click right here and grab your copy today!

(Free shipping to all US and APO addresses, too!)

And for you CCNP Bulldogs... all of my CCNP Study Guides are in hard copy, too!

Just click the link or book cover of your choice to get yours, and thanks for making TBA part of your CCNA and CCNP success story!

Scroll on down for today's CCNA and CCNP Videos Of The Day!

Chris B.

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