Friday, June 29, 2012

"I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had 

ceased to be one."

-- Mark Twain

Hi Bulldogs!

Before we hit today's CCNA and CCNP Video Boot Camps, here's a very quick word for you future CCNPs out there.

To help you keep your success momentum going this summer, you can now get my full CCNP DVD Bulldog Bundle for $199.

That's not per DVD.  That's for all three DVDs.

Best of all, you'll get immediate online access to every single video in the course - and you keep that access permanently.

Over 50 hours of my world-class instruction, and you spend about $200 overall.

I regularly hear the CCNP ROUTE DVD is worth that by itself.

They're right - but if I can make a fair profit and take it easy on your wallet, you know I'm going to do it.

Always have, always will.

Get all three of my CCNP DVDs...

... and you get free membership to my CCNP All-In-One Video Boot Camp on Udemy, where you can watch the videos and download them anytime you like.

Let's get started on your CCNP, and thank you for making TBA part of your CCNP success story!

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