Friday, June 29, 2012

Here's your CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp for Fri, June 29!

Hi Bulldogs!

Thanks for putting us well over 6,300 subscribers to my Youtube CCNA and CCNP channel!  : ) 

I'm starting a new series of videos today, and all three CCNP exams are definitely part of that series - so visit the blog and the channel regularly!

Let's get to today's CCNP SWITCH Video Of The Day - and when you're done here, take a moment to visit my CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp!

There's an hour of free training there just waiting for you, and when you choose to enroll in the full course, watch the preview video for a $20 coupon code!

Thanks for making TBA part of your CCNP success story!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"


Twitter:  (@ccie12933)




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