Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here are your CCNP ROUTE links for Saturday, June 23....

... each leads to a video or tutorial packed with information to help you pass this double-tough exam!

Hi Bulldogs!

I know it's the weekend, and I'm really proud of you for dropping by today - these links will really make it worth your while!

You gotta know your way around debugging to pass the CCNP ROUTE exam, and just as important, debugging is a major part of your troubleshooting arsenal.

Here's a CCNP ROUTE Video Boot Camp to help you master debugging!

We all know you can't get enough practice with OSPF for the ROUTE exam - so here's an OSPF practice exam for you!

Here's a great lab straight from my CCNP ROUTE Bulldog Boot Camp - and it's yours totally free.   It's a seemingly simple topic that has some tricky options, so make the time to watch this video, and I'll see you Sunday with more CCNP ROUTE tutorials and videos!

Chris B.

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