Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time for two new CCNP ROUTE videos....

... and a coupon code to boot!

Don't worry, SWITCH and TSHOOT Bulldogs, your new videos and coupon codes are on the way!

(Working on your CCNA?  Head to the next post for your videos and codes!)

Hi Bulldogs!

You wanted more details about my CCNP ROUTE Video Boot Camp and DVD - and you got it!

The first video tells you what you get, and what you get out of it - including your CCNP -- and there's also a coupon code in there for you!

If you follow this link to buy the course from my website, or the DVD, you won't need the coupon to get your discount!

And right after that, today's CCNP ROUTE Video Tip can be found! Let's get to it - and thanks for making TBA part of your CCNP success story!

A simple two-step plan to pass the CCNP ROUTE:

1.  Get information-packed CCNP ROUTE Bulldog DVD

2.  Nail exam

Click that case and let's get started!  (We'll even ship it to you free!)

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