Tuesday, March 20, 2012

‎Let's forget Monday happened and move straight to Tuesday, shall we?  : ) 

And in all seriousness - thanks for 5,831 subscriptions and 1,173,082 views on my YouTube channel!

Hi Bulldogs!

Apologies for no posts on Monday - just a touch of food poisoning yesterday. (Like the touch Tony Soprano had in the "Funhouse" episode.)   

Enough of that, let's get back to work!   I've got two important links for you CCNA and CCENT Bulldogs to start the day - and we'll post new links and videos here throughout the day.

Be sure to scroll down and watch the videos I made last week on the changes coming to the CCNA Wireless and Security certification exams. I'll have a CCNA Voice update video for you later today, along with a little surprise for you Security+ and Network+ Bulldogs!

Now for those links!   Here's an important, fully-illustrated tutorial on PPP and HDLC links, and there's a bonus video as well.  Great stuff for you CCENT and CCNA students!

Love or hate OSPF, you have to master the fundamentals for the CCNA exam - and this practice exam will help you do just that!

More videos and links throughout the day -- and while you're here, take just a minute or two to join my Twitter channel!

And for you CCNP Bulldogs -  there are literally hours of free videos and dozens of free tutorials just waiting for you over on the main site!   Just click these links and jump right in!

If you're serious about your CCNP - and I know you are - get your hands on my information-packed CCNP Bulldog Boot Camp DVDs!

You receive all three of my CCNP DVDs - including every single lesson shown below -- and my Hard Copy Study Guides for just $397, and you get free shipping!

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Click the widgets to watch up to three hours of video for free -- 

the first hour of every course is free to watch and download!

Back later today with a new video on the CCNP Voice certification changes!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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