Friday, March 09, 2012

In this post, I slap you with a $20 bill.

(Figuratively speaking, that is.)

Hi Bulldogs!

I know there's a little basketball thing going on right now, so you might need a little attention-getter to keep you focused on your CCNA studies ...

I thought that might do it. 

Today only, get your CCNA studies jumpstarted with my CCNA Video Boot Camp -- over 22 hours of downloadable lessons from yours truly, with my free CCNA Study Guide ebook AND a free CCNA Security ebook ...

.. and save $20 off the already ridiculously low price.

You can watch up to an hour of the course for free by clicking on the following widget - but to get the discount, you MUST use this link:

A word to the wise:  Grab it now.  Today is Saturday and this discount just might not be here on Sunday.

'Nuff said!  :  ) See you in class!

Don't feel left out, future CCNPs -- you can grab any of my CCNP study guides for just $9.99...

.. and you must take advantage of this offer - all of my DVDs and hard copy study guides for the CCNP  for just $297!  (Download it all for just $199!)

You receive all three of my CCNP DVDs - including every single lesson shown below -- and my Hard Copy Study Guides for just $297!

My $199 Download Deal on the DVDs is still available, too!

Click the widgets to watch up to three hours of video for free -- 

the first hour of every course is free to watch and download!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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