Monday, March 12, 2012

Big changes are coming to the CCNA Security certification...

... and to The Bryant Advantage.

Take just 7 minutes to watch this video and find out about all these important changes, and how they impact you and your career!

(I've also added CCNA and CCNP tutorial links and videos to this post!)

Hi Bulldogs!

The headline says it all - so let's head straight into the video.

This is very important stuff for you and your future - so be sure to watch the entire video. 

Let's get started!

.. including my famous clear and comprehensive binary and subnetting instruction ...

... for just $9.99!

Now let's get to some CCNA and CCENT tutorials!

The BECN and FECN bits can be a bit confusing - here's a illustrated tutorial to make sure that confusion doesn't happen to you!

Don't miss this page - there's an illustrated tutorial on OSPF mismatches, and no fewer than four videos to help you master important OSPF concepts!

The term "router on a stick" might make you grin - and after you're done with these tutorials on that subject, you'll be smiling on exam day!

Over 2,000 future CCNAs and CCNPs just like you are in my Video Boot Camps right now -- and here's a free one for you to join and try it out!

There's also a free hour of OSPF training in my CCNA Video Boot Camp - just click the widget to get that free hour, and then we'll move on to CCNP tutorials!

CCNP Tutorials:

OSPF adjacencies seem simple enough, but we all know how simple things can go wrong.  Here's a Video Boot Camp to help you spot and solve OSPF adjacency problems!

And speaking of OSPF, here's a fully-illustrated tutorial on OSPF stub areas!

To help you pass this VERY challenging exam, I've created a free CCNP ROUTE Video Boot Camp on OSPF and route redistribution for you, and the first hour of my full CCNP ROUTE course is free to watch and download as well.

If you're serious about your CCNP - and I know you are - you need to take advantage of these videos.  Click these links and widgets and grab them now!

CCNP ROUTE Full Video Boot Camp (First Hour Free - over 22 hours in full!)

Now for you CCNP SWITCH and TSHOOTers....

In your CCNA studies, you learned how the root bridge election is carried out. Now we raise the stakes a bit, by knowing several different ways to spot the root switch in a VLAN.

Knowing just one way is not enough.

Watch this video and see 'em all!

Here's a quick and vital refresher on the HSRP priority value:

There's over an hour of free videos from my CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp just waiting to help you get certified - click this applet and watch the first few videos on the house!

Get all three of my CCNP Bulldog Boot Camp DVDs for just $266!

You get over 50 hours of my world-class CCNP training, and more...

You can watch every video online and download them immediately, and we'll pay for the Federal Express shipping!

And for you TSHOOT fans, the first hour of this course is free to download and stream as well, so head on out there and I'll see you later today with another new video!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"



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