Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our 7th Anniversary Celebration Continues, With Even MORE $9.99 Madness....

... and here's an opportunity EVERY serious CCNP candidate should take advantage of.

Hi Bulldogs!

Big news - along with my CCNA Study Guide, each of my CCNP Study Guides are now $9.99 each!

It's just the beginning of our year-long celebration here at TBA -- and our new website will be the next thing to celebrate around here!

And here's another opportunity for you future CCNPs.

You can now get my CCNP DVD Bundle with Hard Copy Study Guides for just $297... and that includes our free shipping AND immediate online access.

That's right.  You'll rocket to the CCNP using my exclusive, crystal-clear study guides -- just as CCNP candidates around the world have done for the past seven years.

You receive all three hard copy study guides, all three of my CCNP DVD Bulldog Boot Camps, AND immediate access to all materials online!

(You can even download the videos if you like!)

This is simply the best CCNP training opportunity in the world...

... and it's yours for $297.

You can order from here or on the website ...

... and just minutes from now, you and I are working together to make you a CCNP.

Let's get started!

Order your bundle here:

$9.99 Study Guides:

You receive all three of my CCNP DVDs - including every single lesson shown below -- and my Hard Copy Study Guides for just $297!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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