Monday, February 27, 2012

Here are Tuesday's CCNA and CCNP tutorials, practice exams, and videos!

You can still grab any and all of my CCNA and CCNP Study  Guides for just 9.99 each -- and I've got links to free Video Boot Camps in today's post!

This just in - thanks for making my CCNA Video Boot Camp one of the top 3 trending courses on Udemy!

(Thanks to Gwendolyn Key for her kind review of the course!)

Hi Bulldogs!

Let's get started with some CCENT and CCNA videos!

Here's a classic Video Practice Exam on the first two layers of the OSI model... and those are some pretty important layers!

There are so many similar Frame Relay commands that it can be difficult at first to keep them straight.  This 3:00 CCNA Video Boot Camp on two of those  commands will help you master them for the exam!

Here's a very popular CCNA video on pings - and other things!

.. including my famous clear and comprehensive binary and subnetting instruction ...

... for just $9.99!

Now let's get you into my free CCNA OSPF Video Boot Camp!   You can watch it online anytime you like, and you can even download the videos to watch later -- that's the way it is in all of my free and paid courses!

Just click that link or this widget to get started!


There's a free hour of training in my full CCNA Bulldog Video Boot Camp as well - and you can download those as well.   Don't miss this course!

There's some of everything in this CCNA Video Practice Exam, from Cisco switches to OSPF!

Now for you CCNPers, starting with the SWITCH exam!

(Those of you working on TSHOOT should watch all of these videos.)

With VTP, there are precious few options - and you better have them mastered.  This video will help you do just that!

Anyone working on the CCNP SWITCH exam needs to follow that link and grab a copy of my CCNP SWITCH Study Guide - I guarantee it's the best ten bucks you'll ever spend on your SWITCH studies.

That's right.  Ten bucks.  Get over there!

The CCNP SWITCH Bulldog Study Guide

And here's one more CCNP SWITCH video for you - this one covers a very important Cisco switching fundamental!

Now on to the CCNP ROUTE videos!

There are two important things to know about troubleshooting -- when to do it, and when it's not necessary.

Glad I cleared that up!  :)  This video will clear it up even more for you!

BGP summarization can be really tricky and give you some unexpected results - so watch this video and be prepared for success!

When you're done with that one, head out to my CCNP Route Redistribution Video Boot Camp at Udemy!  (Can't beat the cost -- zero!)

I'll have new CCNA and CCNP videos for you later on Tuesday!

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