Friday, February 17, 2012

Bulldogs, let's start Friday off with a new CCNA and CCENT 5-Minute Video Boot Camp!

Hi Bulldogs!

This might just be the most information I've ever packed into a 5-minute Video Boot Camp.

You future CCENTs and CCNAs must watch this one - and I'll have a new one for you CCNP candidates later today!

Be sure to scroll down in the blog for the latest videos from my YouTube CCNA / CCNP Video Training channel!

Every lesson now fully downloadable - and you can watch a full, free hour of OSPF training before you spend a dime!  Just click that banner or this applet to get started right now!

I'll be back throughout the day with more videos and practice exams.

Thanks for making TBA part of your Cisco certification success story! 

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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