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Here's your CCNA practice exam for Monday, Jan. 16!

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Hi Bulldogs!

With no further ado, let's jump right in to today's CCNA practice exam!

1.    In a typical hub-and-spoke OSPF network, where is the "neighbor" command required?

A.  Only on the hub

B.  Only on the spokes

C.  On the hub and the spokes

D.  The "neighbor" command is not required in this network type

2.   Short answer:  What term is used to describe the OSPF metric that is not generally used for RIP and EIGRP metrics?

3.   Identify the correct OSPF defaults.

A.  Interface priority = 0

B.  An ethernet segment will be treated as a point-to-multipoint network

C.  The OSPF interface priority is one

D.  The hello time is four times the dead time

4.   For the following addresses, identify the routing protocol that utilizes that address to send updates.   If multiple versions of a protocol exist, identify the specific version along with the protocol.





5.  Short answer:  What dotted decimal network mask is represented in prefix notation by "/20"?

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Now let's get to today's answers!

1.   (A).  The neighbor command is required only on the hub.  It doesn't hurt anything if you put it on the spokes, but keep in mind on exam day where it's required.

2.   The OSPF metric is cost.

3.   (C).  The OSPF interface priority is one.   (An Ethernet segment will be an OSPF Broadcast network, and the hello time is not four times the dead time - it's the other way around.)

4: -- RIP version 1 -- OSPF -- RIP version 2 -- EIGRP

5.  The prefix notation value "/20" refers to this binary string with 20 "1"s at the beginning of the string:

11111111  11111111   11110000   00000000

In dotted decimal, that's

Thanks for taking today's practice exam!   Here are some links to more exams and videos for the CCNA, and I'll see you at the CCNA Video Boot Camp!

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