Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Give me 3 minutes of your time and you could easily pick up 30 - 50 exam points...

... in EACH of these videos!

Hi Bulldogs!

Here are links to three 3:00 CCNA Video Boot Camps that will add serious points to your exam score!

Be sure to scroll down two posts in the blog to watch the two latest CCNA 2012 Video Boot Camps I've created for you!

Today's "Frame Relay Day" here at TBA, and here are some videos that I specifically created to make sure you're clear on vital Frame Relay details that you'll need to master in order to get your CCNA!

Here's a great video on the "frame relay map" command -- seems simple, but there are some tricky details here!

A question I'm often asked in Twitter is the difference between that map command and the "interface-dlci" command.  Here's a video that'll show you exactly when to use each one -- and when NOT to use them!

CCNA Video Boot Camp: Frame Map vs. Interface-Dlci

This video's longer than three minutes, but well worth the time investment.  Can't beat the cost, either. ;)

CCNA Video Boot Camp:  Troubleshooting Frame Relay

Thanks for making TBA part of your CCNA success story!

All videos in my CCNA Video Boot Camp are now downloadable!

Click on the first two OSPF lessons in the widget below to watch for free!

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