Friday, December 23, 2011

MORE tutorials and videos for you future CCNPs!

(CCNA tutorials and videos are just one post down.)

And thanks to all of you supporting our fund drive for the Central Virginia Food Bank!

We're donating $20 per DVD and On-Demand course sale in December...

... and a whopping $50 for every $199 CCNP Download Bundle holiday special, DVD Bundle, and DVD / Hard Copy Bundle!  

Thanks! :)

Hi Bulldogs!

EIGRP seems pretty darn simple next to multiarea OSPF and BGP...

... but one reason you're going to nail the CCNP exams is that you don't underestimate such topics.

To help you sharpen your skills with EIGRP, here are two practice exams on that topic!

And speaking of BGP, let's tackle a practice exam and a Video Boot Camp from my YouTube channel!

Now for you CCNP SWITCH Bulldogs!

When you're learning all the various "loop" and "guard" features available with Cisco switches, they can kinda run together after a while. 

Here's a practice exam to help you become totally clear on all of these features!

Here's another practice exam on a surprise topic!

And also for you SWITCH candidates, here's a Video Boot Camp on destination MAC addresses and default switch behaviors!  (Gotta have these fundamentals down cold!)

And for you CCNP TSHOOT Bulldogs, here's a great discussion video on troubleshooting in the real world vs "just" knowing the theory!

Thanks again for your fantastic support of our fund drive for the Central Virginia Food Bank, and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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