Monday, December 26, 2011

Let's keep our success momentum rolling with these CCNA videos, tutorials, and practice exams!

And thanks for making TBA part of your CCNA and CCENT success story!

Hi Bulldogs!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  : )    

Let's take a few minutes here to keep our success momentum rolling as we get ready for CCNA exam success!

The "line protocol" gave me fits when I started my CCNA studies, mainly because no one ever really said what the $&)(%^ thing was!

So I've taken care of that with this exclusive, fully-illustrated tutorial --  and there's a bonus video from my YouTube CCNA and CCNP training channel, too!

Troubleshooting's a big part of our day as network admins -- and it's easy to forget that the simplest tools can also be the most effective.  

Here's a tutorial and video on one of those tools!

The configuration register.  You hear so many warnings about it that you can actually get a little scared to change the values in there, especially the first time around.

I know I was pretty nervous about it.

But knowledge conquers fear -- and here's a tutorial and Video Boot Camp on the register to help you gain that knowledge!

Since we're tackling the line protocol in this blog post, let's spend some time with PPP and HDLC as well!  

If you think you already have this topic mastered, there's a Video Practice Exam on that page that might say otherwise!  ;)

Here's something EVERY future CCNA needs to be a part of - and it costs nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.


My CCNA OSPF Video Boot Camp is ready for you to watch right now - just click this link and join the almost 400 future CCNAs who are already there.   If you've got some time off this week, this is a great way to spend it!

See you there!

If you like these videos - and I know you will - join me in my exclusive CCNA On-Demand Video Boot Camp, where you can watch over 22 hours of videos as often as you like, whenever you like, and you can ask me questions on the exclusive site forum.

And frankly, it's the most cost-effective method of getting your CCNA. 

I'll even throw in a free download of my famous CCNA Study Guide.

Let's get started!

Thanks for making TBA part of your CCNA success story!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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