Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just in time for your holiday shopping...

... TONS of CCNP tutorials and videos for the ROUTE, SWITCH, and TSHOOT exams!

And thanks to all of you supporting our fund drive for the Central Virginia Food Bank!

We're donating $20 per DVD and On-Demand course sale in December...

... and a whopping $50 for every $199 CCNP Download Bundle holiday special, DVD Bundle, and DVD / Hard Copy Bundle!  Thanks! :)

Hi Bulldogs!

We've had a really impressive number of CCNP passes lately, so I know you're hitting the studies hard, even during the holiday season ...

.... and here are plenty of practice exams and Video Boot Camps to help you nail all three exams!

Multiarea OSPF is a HUGE part of the ROUTE exam, so it deserves a little exra attention.

Actually, we're giving it a lot of attention, with three different practice exams on this tough topic.   Start clicking!

We talk a lot about routing loops in Cisco studies, but you really don't see many of them on live equipment, if any at all...

... until now.

Here's one of my favorite videos, a 13-minute CCNP ROUTE Video Boot Camp that shows you a routing loop in action.   You can't fix one unless you know what it looks like!

Now for you CCNP SWITCH Bulldogs!

HSRP is all over the SWITCH exam, and interface tracking is one of the trickier points to master.  To help you out with that mastery, here's a fully-illustrated tutorial on that very subject.   This page also includes a Video Practice Exam on HSRP!

We always need a refresh on the fundamentals to avoid drawing mental blanks in the exam room.  Here's a written tutorial and Video Boot Camp on STP port states!

And for you CCNP TSHOOT Bulldogs, here's a practice exam on everything from routing fundamentals to OSPF virtual links - and troubleshooting is ALL about the fundamentals!

Thanks for making TBA part of your CCNP success story!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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