Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The CCNP passes have REALLY been rolling in...

... and there are hours of videos and dozens of practice exams and tutorials right here to help you join in the fun!

And as always, thanks for making TBA part of YOUR success story!

Hi Bulldogs!

Before we jump in to the links for today, let's congratulate a few of the Bulldogs out there who have been knocking out the tough CCNP exams!

Nathan Hickman of Tampa, Florida just passed the ROUTE exam...

Jason Curry of Vance, Alabama nailed the SWITCH exam....

Michael Lopes of Warwick, Rhode Island has demolished the TSHOOT exam and is now a full-fledged CCNP!

Not to be outdone, John Fretwell of Baldock, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom successfully tackled the ROUTE exam...

... and another of our British Bulldogs, Andy Young of Derby, UK, took care of business with the TSHOOT exam and is now a CCNP!

This is one blog post every single CCNP candidate should save.

I have literally hours of free CCNP videos on the main site, on my YouTube channel, and on Udemy....

... and I want to be absolutely sure you can find what you need, so I've created this quick checklist for you.

First, here are three links to the main CCNP tutorial pages over on the main site.   You'll find practice exams, Video Boot Camps, and fully-illustrated tutorials for all three exams right here!

I've created some longer tutorials for those of you working on the double-tough CCNP ROUTE exam, including this one from my YouTube CCNP Video Training channel.    Here's one of the most popular in that series, a lab on live Cisco routers that shows administrative distance in action!

And sure, you've heard of the EIGRP summary route with an AD of 5 ...

... but have you actually ever SEEN it?   

You better know where to look for it - and this video shows you exactly where it is, plus some other handy CCNP ROUTE exam tips!

This is definitely an opportunity you must take advantage of.

The first hour of each of my CCNP Video Boot Camps is 100% free.  Not that crappy "give us your credit card anyway" scams.  

I mean really free.

Just click these links and / or widgets to check 'em out on Udemy.com!   (There are TWO free Video Boot Camps for the CCNP ROUTE exam!)

And finally, if you're so inclined, I hope you'll pick up one or all three of our CCNP DVDs!   They're priced so EVERYONE can afford to get my world-class training -- and you can start watching them online immediately after your purchase!

(You can also download the courses - great option for you International Bulldogs!)

CCNP Video Boot Camp Bundle (Saves you a bundle, too!)

Every DVD sold in December means another $20 for the Central Virginia Food Bank!  : )   

From everyone here at TBA, thanks for supporting this great cause, AND for making us part of your CCNP success story!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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