Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here are your CCNA and CCNP links and videos for Thursday, August 25!

Hiya Bulldogs!

It's Thursday, August 25, and here are your CCNA and CCNP links and videos for today!

For you CCNA and CCNP ROUTE Bulldogs, here's a tutorial on the oft-misunderstood ip helper-address command!

Give me just three minutes on this next link, and I'll give you a comprehensive review of Cisco router passwords!

And one more for you CCNP ROUTE candidates - a practice exam on, well, Cisco routing !  : )

CCNA links right after this quick message!

I'm Paying It Forward Bigger Than Ever Before:

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CCNP DVD BUNDLE - Get All 3 DVDs And Lock In The Savings!

I'll be adding new 90-second boot camps shortly - right now, here's a link to two of them for you CCNA candidates!

CCNA 90-Second Video Boot Camps

The right mental approach is vital for maximum performance on exam day - and this video will help you achieve that approach!

CCNA And CCNP Video:  "You're In The Tunnel"

And here's a tutorial on working with the OSPF Router ID -- and how to change it properly!

CCNA Tutorial: The OSPF RID

For well over 200 additional exams, tutorials, and videos, just follow these links!

CCNP ROUTE Videos And Tutorials

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